Denny Myers


Constitutional Denny


Delightfully retired, thank you.

Life Travels

Early Childhood 1944-1950 - Retter Farm, Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio

School Days 1950-1962 - Bethel Local School, Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio

Undergrad 1962-1966 - University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
Graduate 1971-1972 - MBA Studies
Graduate 1990-1991 - MSEd.
Life - Ongoing and always surprising

United States Air Force 1966-1968 - San Antonio, Texas; Belleville, Illinois; DaNang, Vietnam; Bangkok, Thailand

Bell System 1968-1990 - Dayton, Ohio; Cooperstown, New York; Columbus, Ohio

Edison Community College 1990-2004 - Piqua, Ohio

Retirement Years 2004-Present - Retter Farm, Bethel Township (could'a just stayed there) and also in Monroe Township, Miami County, Ohio. Travels as possible.


"What we do for ourselves is lost when we are lost; what we do for others endures and lives beyond us." - DLMyers, October 2008